Is SEO Really Cost Effective?

By | November 8, 2016

search-engine-optimizationSEO, or search engine optimization, is often looked upon as being one of the most affordable and also a cost effective outlet for online advertising. Even though this can be true, you need to remember that any SEO campaign should be a process that is ongoing to give you the best results. You should also know that the more competitive your keywords are that you target, the costly your campaign may prove to be and it could be less cost effective for you. However, there are great methods that you can use to help make sure that your SEO campaign ends up being both efficient and cost effective.

One SEO Campaign Per Page

Each page for your website needs to be treated as having its own SEO campaign. When you have a single campaign for each page, you will be able to make sure that the page is properly optimized. Attempting to promote a whole website with one SEO campaign can leave you with issues when different pages are not targeting different keywords to bring in different visitors.

This will help you to have a more effective campaign for your entire site when you focus on a page at a time, which will also enable easier tracking or your performance and monitoring of your return on investment. A lot of pages will have differing requirements in terms of the competitiveness of keywords and the actual return per lead that you get for each page. When you tailor an SEO campaign for these individual requirements, it will help to bring about optimum effectiveness.

Build Your Link Profile

In the past, you used to have to jam each page with keywords just so that you could see it in the top rankings on the search engine result pages. A crucial aspect of any SEO campaign is building up a powerful link profile. The search engines will use your number of links that are pointing to your website as a guide to the value. They will not only consider the weight of your links, but also take into consideration the value of each page where the link is found.

A truly effective link profile needs to consist of a combination of both website links and directory links, along with single page and site-wide links, as well as reciprocal and inbound links. All of the links will have to come from good quality sites and also be relevant. There are some webmasters and marketers that will opt for paid links simply because they enable them to select pages where links will appear.

Even though paid linking offers greater control over any pages you link to, it can end up being very costly. Paying for your links in the high quality directories should give you more than just a link profile boost. The same will be true when it comes to links that are placed in prominent positions on relevant and busy pages.

Ongoing SEO

There is no such thing as a package for one-off marketing with SEO. You need to have your campaign regularly monitored and fully optimized according to your results and other figures. The popularity of your keywords and the sites that are competing for the top positions can cause some keywords to be less competitive, while there are others that will be much more appealing.

The sites that get caught up in highly competitive markets tend to find that they need to build up a very powerful link profile. This is something that is going to take time, especially if your link profile is supposed to appear natural for the search engines. Any less competitive pages will have to keep profiles fully updated and must ensure they are targeting the right keywords.

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